You are about to join an event or recording
as a speaker!

When you are ready please put your headphones in and click your event’s join button below.

You will be asked for camera/mic permissions and then brought backstage.
You can wait for our host to bring you in to the studio and say hello in the private chat.

  • This works best with Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • Wired headphones work better than wireless. 
  • If you have trouble connecting with your laptop please try a different browser, and then please try your mobile device.
  • You can email [email protected] for support, but we may not be available right away.

Speaker Tips

  • Are you wearing headphones to prevent feedback?

  • Are you lit evenly from the front?

  • Is your camera at eye-level?

  • Are your computer and phone notifications off?

  • If using a phone/tablet, is it in landscape mode?


January 26th

Every Tuesday at
4.30pm – 5.30pm BST
and by appointment.

If the room is full,
pop back in five minutes.


You may be asked to grant access to your mic and camera.
Please click ‘Allow’


Enter your name. This may be displayed during the live broadcast.

You’ll be able to watch the show from backstage and may be brought on to the
main screen at any time.
‘Private Chat’ allows you to privately message the host and other participants.
From here you can also mute yourself, share your screen and exit the studio.


If you will be using slides or sharing elements from your screen:
Please click ‘Share Screen’ and then choose which element of your screen you
would like to share: the entire screen, a particular window, or a specific tab on your
browser. Your host will bring ‘your screen’ on to the live broadcast in the same way
they bring on your video.