Conference Curator: Martha Awojobi

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#CharitySoWhite's Martha Awojobi, in partnership with Fundraising Everywhere, will be hosting the first ever BAME Fundraising Conference on 29th July that will provide organisations with the tools, connections and resources to do brilliant fundraising.

This conference will feature incredible BAME speakers, in fundraising and beyond, who will share their insights and techniques for fundraising success.

Sessions will also explore how leaders can recruit and support staff of colour to thrive within their organisation by creating truly inclusive cultures, and focusing on personal development and leadership opportunities.

What you will get from this conference:

1) Provide BAME led-orgs with the practical fundraising tools, connections and knowledge for them to survive through this crisis (fundraising mechanisms)

2) Information on how organisations can support POC fundraisers and provide them with opportunities to thrive in fundraising (culture, recruitment, leadership, imposter-syndrome, personal development)

Session topics and speakers have been developed following research by our conference curator, Martha Awojobi.

Please contact Martha directly if you would like to know more about the sessions at July's event.


The summit will stream live worldwide on Wednesday 29th July.

Can’t join us on the day? Book your ticket now and you will get access to all the sessions and content to watch in your own time after the live stream for up to 30 days.

This event is 'pay what you can' - more details on the ticket page.

All speakers are paid for their time and profit from the conference will be shared between nominated BAME organisations.

About the event: Ubele Initiative’s research indicates that many BAME-led organisations are at risk of closing in the coming months due to systematic under- funding, compounded by the COVID-19 crisis.

Many of these organisations have identified fundraising as a key area for investment but simply do not yet have the resource or expertise in their teams to maximise their fundraising opportunities. Meanwhile, the wider charity sector is struggling to recruit and retain BAME staff.

Without intervention and re-imagination, the third sector is on track to be even less diverse when we emerge from this crisis, and in turn less equipped to properly serve the communities it exists to support.

Fundraising Everywhere wants to be part of that re-imagination of the charity sector.

We don't have the lived experience to design a conference for people of colour – but we have a platform and we want to use it! We are so excited to be teaming up with #CharitySoWhite’s Martha Awojobi to bring you the first ever BAME Fundraising Conference.

This conference will provide organisations with the tools, connections, and resources to do brilliant fundraising. We will hear from BAME-led orgs who have run incredible fundraising campaigns, despite the odds being stacked against them.

And for those who join the conference to learn how they can better support their staff of colour and create truly inclusive cultures, we will be sharing some practical steps to take to ensure that BAME fundraisers can thrive in your teams through personal development and leadership opportunities.


About Martha: Martha is a consultant who has worked in the charity sector for almost a decade in fundraising roles, from face to face, individual giving, to crowdfunding, digital and corporate. She is a member of #CharitySoWhite’s organising committee and has been working with the Institute of Fundraising to transform the fundraising sector and make space for fundraisers of colour. Martha has consulted with BAME fundraisers and organisations across the UK to design a programme of content that is curated by BAME fundraisers for BAME fundraisers. We will be platforming BAME speakers who will be sharing their talents and achievements in fundraising, not just talking about diversity and inclusion.