"Great day 'at' the great and groundbreaking #BAMEOnline conference! So many important issues re the nonprofit sector, from ethical copy to funding equitably to leadership." - Sav

"#BAMEOnline was one of the best conferences I have been to. The stories resonated with me. The advice and championing for change was everything." - Mon

"Well, fundraising conferences are never going to be the same after today's #BAMEOnline!! What an extraordinary day and a privilege to witness" - Aliya


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In July 2020, Fundraising Everywhere hosted the first-ever fundraising conference curated by and for people of colour.

Over twelve hours of authentic, engaging, and inspiring discussions to change the charity sector, root out racism, and create fairer ways of working for all.

You can watch all sessions by booking your place using the button above. You will be emailed a personal link with access to the videos which is valid for six months.